Health & Environment

Risk assessment & management of chemicals & new materials
GreenDecision develops and applies methodologies and tools for risk assessment and management of conventional and emerging chemical substances and new materials, including nanomaterials and biomaterials. We provide knowledge and expertise on all steps of the risk assessment process, from the modelling of chemical fate in the environment, to ecological and human exposure assessment, to risk characterization and ranking and selection of management options. We offer technical and regulatory support for risk assessment in different fields, such as contaminated sites, consumer products, occupational settings, design and testing of new materials and products.
Decision support for remediation & urban redevelopment
GreenDecision develops and applies decision support tools for the optimization of intervention options for the regeneration of abandoned and contaminated sites in the light of sustainable principles (i.e. by integrating social, economic and environmental aspects). We provide knowledge and expertise on all steps of the development of sustainable regeneration projects, from regional prioritization of brownfield sites to the evaluation of regeneration technologies at site-specific scale.
Sustainability assessment (LCA, environmental footprint, carbon management)
GreenDecision supports companies in the sustainability assessments of products and production processes through the application of LCA, carbon footprint and carbon management tools. GreenDecision develops and applies Sustainability Impact Assessment approaches to support public bodies in the sustainability assessment of new policies, programs, or projects. We provide knowledge and expertise on sustainability assessment through the identification of case-specific sustainability indicators and the application of multi criteria decision analysis techniques (MCDA) to support the decisional process, in the framework of the most recent regulatory requirements.
Spatial analysis by Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GreenDecision supports companies and public bodies in the spatial identification of optimized solutions for the effective management of environmental problems. We develop and apply different typologies of decision support systems (DSSs) for environmental problems: our DSS incorporate Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) to integrate environmental and socio-economic information with stakeholders’ preferences in order to evaluate and select the best environmental management strategies.


Corporate social responsibility & sustainability management
Sustainable business practices are critical to the creation of long-term value in an increasingly resource-constrained world, but in addition to opportunities they also present risks that organizations must address. GreenDecision supports companies and public bodies in applying decision analytical tools to (prospectively) evaluate the potential opportunities and threats emerging from implementing sustainable economic, environmental and social policies and best practices. In this way we help organizations determine where they are on the road to sustainability and identify and prioritize opportunities to accelerate their journey forward.
Innovation management
GreenDecision supports companies and public bodies in applying innovation management tools such as visioning, virtual prototyping, product lifecycle management, structured idea management, project management, product line planning and portfolio management in order to create a creative environment and enable the workforce to grasp emerging opportunities and use them to create and introduce new ideas, processes, or products.


Stakeholders engagement
GreenDecision supports companies and public bodies in building an open and constructive relationship with stakeholders so that the project’s management, its operations and all those potentially affected by them can benefit from improved outcomes (World Bank 2012). We make use of interviews, focus groups and surveys to support project developers in consulting various stakeholders with regard to their interests and expectations. Conferences, workshops, web-based engagement tools and site visits are some of the complementary tools for actively involving stakeholders in the decision-making process.
Network analysis
GreenDecision supports companies and public bodies in applying social network analysis (SNA) approaches for studying the social milieu in which an environmental project takes place. SNA helps understand not only who the stakeholders of a given project are but also where they are in relation to the flows of information, potential influence on the success of the project and interest in shaping this process. One of the most useful outcomes of SNA are the maps of stakeholder relations and the rigorous measurement of how well the actors are connected to each other or to the decision-makers.

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